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(Publication Information) New Plains Review - Art - for Central Dissent 2022 

The Central Dissent:
A Journal of Gender and Sexuality

The Central Dissent: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality is an interdisciplinary academic journal produced by New Plains Student Publishing and sponsored by the UCO's Women’s Research Center as well as the LGBTQ+ Student Center. Being the first and only academic journal focused on gender and sexuality in Oklahoma, our mission is to gather and disseminate quality research, poetry, and academic reviews that explore gender theory, gender identity, as well as how race, class, and ethnicity shape society’s expectations of the individual both currently and historically.

Our 2022 issue will be available soon. We are currently working on our 2023 issue. A new call for submissions (for 2024) will be posted this summer.

*New Plains Student Publishing, 100 N University Drive, Box 184, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
English Department, College of Liberal Arts, University of Central Oklahoma


Limited edition giclee prints on sale

2021年から取り組む写真プロジェクトのファーストコレクションとして、日本を除く各国で展示されたカバーアート『BOY'S DON'T CRY』の









A3ノビサイズ(329 × 483 mm):85,000円(送料無料)

A4規格サイズ(210×297 mm):42,000円(送料無料)

エディション(A3ノビサイズ):2/3, 残り2点

エディション(A4規格サイズ):3/3, 残り3点




(Publication Information) Fast Flesh Literary Journal

Issue 5 (BRUISED) “The Scallop Opens” by Richard M. Ankers

Art: “The Blooming Being” by Ryo Kajitani

Richard M. Ankers is the English author of The Eternals Series and Britannia Unleashed. Richard has featured in Expanded Field Journal, Love Letters To Poe, Spillwords, and feels privileged to have appeared in many more. Richard lives to write.

Artist Bio:

Ryo Kajitani is a queer artist and art model based in Tokyo. Transgender, asexual. The artworks were based on decadent and dark painting style, and with Zdzisław Beksiński(1929–2005) and TATSUSHIMA Yuko (1974-) used to be popular in Japan with the theme of "Words which should never be searched." At Tama art university, she trained in oil-based woodcut printmaking. Her research for her Ph.D. (Arts) focused on ontological aesthetics in exhibition spaces (especially Heidegger's theory of art). After graduating, she resumed acting as an art model based in Tokyo. Currently, she is working on prototypes of mixed analog and digital collage prints using the method of printmaking/ partial Mach Learn. She also uses her experience of being assaulted to provide International humanitarian aid and support orphans and others who wish to reintegrate into society.

Garden Of Prayer - 祈りの庭 (2019)

All forms of artwork hold a historical role. The “sustainability across era” is where the work is preserved and exhibited even after its creator has passed away. The work has been entrusted with the historical functions of “watching over and giving.” If work is stored and displayed appropriately after an artist passes away, work will continue with possible future possibilities to watch over the era on a macroscopic eye level. It reaches the social sleep rising above the artist's sleep; artwork puts such time and space into eternity. In that sense, the space of my work is equal to the space of prayer.


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