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Started a youtube channel.

Introduce my daily production activities with videos.



2019 02,13SHOWROOM



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Ryo Kajitani is a Japanese artist, researcher, transgender model (art).

She has distanced herself from such "titles" such as artist and painter and consistently engages in creating and photographing of her work as "just a person".

Her Androgyny look is seen as a contiguous to the artistic style of her artwork.

because it is impossible to judge the gender differences between the characters from her printmaking.


The early artworks were based on decadent and dark painting style, and together with Zdzisław Beksiński (1929-2005) and Yuko Tatsushima (1974-) used to be popular in Japan with the theme of "the words that should not be looked up."


In research at the Graduate School of Art, from the viewpoint of a Creator, she tackled to German theory of existence, especially in the context of ontological aesthetics.

By utilizing practices inherent to authors, such as productions and exhibitions, and by using the close relationship with exhibition spaces whose basic unit is loss of hometown as the starting point, she studies the possibility of Martin Heidegger-like and ontological deployment of exhibition spaces and the “works, authors, and viewers” inside of them.

2019, These results finally summarized in her doctoral thesis and artwork, and presented in actual exhibition spaces including Tama Art Univ museums.

As of 2020, she engaged in pencil drawings, oil-based woodcut, digital woodblock prints and illustrations while continuing her work, production and research as well publishing of her works around the world.

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