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Figure 12 照明により色彩化を遂げた《祈りの庭》を主題としたシリーズ版画。110×160cm3点。-gigapixel-standard-scale-2_00x.png

Garden Of Prayer - 祈りの庭 (2019)

The artwork holds a historical role. 
It is the “sustainability across era” where the work is preserved and exhibited even after its creator has passed away.

This work is entrusted with the functions of "watching over and giving."
as long as work is stored and displayed appropriately after an artist passes away; work will continue with possible future possibilities to watch over the era.

It reaches the social sleep rising above the artist's sleep; artwork puts such time and space into eternity.
In that sense, the space of my work is equal to the space of prayer.

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